About The Artist

Hello, my name is Tyrel Johnson. I was born the youngest of sixteen into a family of artists. My father is a sculptor, and my mother is a homemaker. My large family was supported solely by my father’s artwork. He ran his own foundry, and I spent most of my free time there. I have learned so much from observing my father and siblings as they sculpted.Tyrel

At a young age I was making serious attempts at sculpture. Naturally, I ended up working at the foundry. I am well trained in all aspects of the casting process as well as the point up and sculpting of monumental sculpture. This upbringing has given me a priceless experience in the arts, and granted me audience with many artists outside of my own family. Through a persistent application of my talent, and constant acquisition of new skills I find myself excited about the future of my life’s work.

It is exciting to know that I will continue to sculpt, and continue to better represent the human condition, as I know it. Artwork is what moves me, and it is my hope that my art will move you as well. Please enjoy!